Plus Publishers

March 2022 New OpenSesame Plus Publishers

Regardless of role, location and industry, employees need (and want) easy access to the learning they need. Supporting their collective desire for professional development, new global publishers have been added to OpenSesame Plus.

Each of these publishers offers engaging and impactful training. The topics covered address some of the biggest challenges global organizations are facing today. Be sure to take advantage of their quality content.

Shatterproof A national nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States, Shatterproof’s Addiction Education series is an online learning tool for general addiction education. Anonymous, self-paced, and mobile enabled, it offers short lessons that can transform lives. Participants learn the risk factors for addiction, how to protect themselves and those they care about, and how to identify the signs of addiction and help those in need.

Lou Adler’s Performance-based Hiring™ provides a blueprint for sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and retaining top talent. This unique, six-step process is aimed at finding talent that has a demonstrated ability to perform the job you are hiring for. Unlike traditional approaches to hiring, which seek to match a set of skills to a person, Performance-based Hiring™ starts by defining the real work involved, not skills or experiences. This real work includes the challenges and critical deliverables expected of a top performer. 

Lumofy is an emerging leader in accelerating capability building initiatives in organizations. With +1700 bilingual (Arabic\English) learning items on core, cross-functional, and functional competencies aimed to implement the right interventions and build needed skills in learners. Lumofy’s unique competency-based learning offers organizations relevant, gamified and bite-sized learning items to develop and assess employees’ capabilities and minimize skills gap in organizations to grow together.

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