May 2022 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

Integrating DEI into leadership has become increasingly important in today’s complex, modern world. That’s why OpenSesame is excited to announce the addition of three DEI-and leadership-focused publishers to their Plus catalog for the month of May!

Amplify Voices As indicated by its title, this media company’s goal is to “amplify diverse points of view, with a focus on underrepresented voices that bridge people together through caring.” The first podcast provider in the OpenSesame catalog, Amplify Voices’ courses focus on leadership, personal development, mental health and wellness, DEI, and more.

Dave McFarland, Director of Content at OpenSesame adds, “With over 100 courses and more added each month, Amplify Voices provides insight into a wide range of topics that help people develop into more compassionate, thoughtful, and inclusive leaders.”

The Dagoba Group is an integrated global Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement consulting practice. They help leaders create inclusive teams by tapping into the knowledge that comes with a diverse workforce – a diverse team who provide unique perspectives and ideas that help transform leadership. Courses from the Dagoba Group include the Inclusion@Work series, which guides participants through a range of DEI-based topics – from the importance of having an inclusive workplace, to understanding unconscious bias, to creating a culture of ownership. 

OpenSesame’s Senior Curator of DEI, Liza Wisner, reflects that, “As the need for DEI training continues to grow, it requires us to think critically about existing workplace structures that promote continuous learning, but may perpetuate inequities. The Dagoba Group’s approach goes beyond DEI training and helps ensure that the structures within the system work for everyone.”

Skilla helps organizations adapt and thrive among increasing change and complexity. With over 20 years of experience across 50 countries, Skilla offers a variety of multimedia courses in several languages. These courses stimulate multiple intelligences in learners and enable them to interact via different learning styles.

Charise Frias, Senior Curation Specialist notes, “As OpenSesame serves more global enterprises, we strive to constantly upgrade our OpenSesame Plus library with engaging content across multiple languages. Skilla allows us to serve a broader audience with their wide language coverage and incredible course quality.”

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