NIIT and OpenSesame Announce Content Partnership

Today the OpenSesame team is thrilled to announce our latest strategic partnership: We’re working with NIIT, the global provider of managed training services, to provide NIIT customers with online training courses from the OpenSesame marketplace.

Known worldwide as a leader in learning outsourcing, with a presence in more than 44 countries, NIIT provides relevant training to organizations, brings proven best practices into business processes, and redirects surplus training capital into core business functions. Recently, NIIT sold Element K, a large catalog of training courses, leaving them in need of new strategic partners to provide a wide range of elearning content to their customers.

In concert with other partners, NIIT will focus on using OpenSesame’s crowd-sourced catalog of online training courses to provide elearning content to learners in mid-market businesses using its platform worldwide. Over the last two years, OpenSesame has built the broadest, freshest and deepest selection of online training courses in the world, with more than 20,000 courses from 250+ sellers.

“In searching for an affordable, complete and high quality elearning solution for the mid-market, we concluded that OpenSesame’s marketplace model will offer our customers the broadest selection, newest courses and most flexible purchasing model.  We are thrilled to be partnering with OpenSesame.” said Edward Trolley, NIIT’s VP of Managed Training Services for Mid Market. “By partnering with OpenSesame and other learning content providers, we’re going to make it faster, easier and less expensive for our customers to select and use the best off-the-shelf training courses available.”

Our new partnership with NIIT will help OpenSesame sellers reach a global audience of leading companies who rely on NIIT to implement learning management technology and provide world-class training courses. This partnership is the latest step towards connecting our sellers to an ever-growing audience of online learners.

To learn more about our partnership with NIIT, please check out our press release or get in touch