OpenSesame and Learnsoft Unveil Integration to Drive Automated and Accelerated Learning

OpenSesame, the leading course marketplace, and Learnsoft, a robust learning management and talent management system, are thrilled to announce their new integration. OpenSesame’s extensive content marketplace with Learnsoft’s robust learning management capabilities unlocks a host of benefits including streamlined workflows, heightened learner engagement, and optimized learning outcomes.

“Learnsoft is committed to meeting the needs of our clients and their learners. This partnership between Learnsoft and OpenSesame delivers on our commitment to help organizations drive growth and success through learning opportunities.”

Robbie Abt, CEO, Learnsoft

Expanded Content Library 

One of the most significant advantages of this integration is the expanded access to high-quality training content. OpenSesame’s vast content marketplace, offering a wide range of courses from award-winning publishers, is now seamlessly integrated into the Learnsoft platform. This means that admins can access a rich library of courses covering topics from compliance and leadership development to safety, business skills and so much more. The expanded content library ensures that Learnsoft customers can cater to their learners’ diverse needs and provide training to drive professional growth. 

Accelerated Content Curation 

OpenSesame’s pre-curated lists allow administrators to save time and effort in the course selection process having easy access to collections of courses for a particular theme or topic to meet specific training goals. Additionally, admins can create Smart Lists to gain instant, tailored recommendations that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to suggest courses based on their organization’s training preferences including languages, formats, publishers, and seat time. 

Automation for Efficiency 

At the heart of the OpenSesame and Learnsoft integration is automation to drive efficiency and time savings for L&D teams. Manual tasks such as downloading and uploading courses into Learnsoft, tracking and monitoring course updates and retirements are all automated, freeing up valuable time and resources. The integration’s automation capabilities eliminate administrative bottlenecks and enable L&D teams to focus on strategic initiatives and deliver impactful learning experiences. 

By driving automated and accelerated learning, the OpenSesame and Learnsoft integration empowers organizations to streamline their training processes, access a broader range of training content, and leverage automation for efficiency gains. As companies strive to develop a highly skilled workforce and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving business landscape, the integration is a powerful solution to meet their learning and development needs. To learn more about how the OpenSesame and Learnsoft integration can accelerate your organization’s training initiatives, schedule a demo today.

About OpenSesame

With a library of more than 30,000 courses, OpenSesame offers the world’s most comprehensive elearning catalog. Content from expert publishers is available in a variety of formats and languages, and is routinely updated to provide the best information possible across a broad range of categories and industries. But more than just a content provider, OpenSesame is your elearning partner and advisor. We’re a strategic addition to your team, providing hands-on curation that ensures the right courses are going to the right learners, and helping you reach your desired business outcomes. From aligning courses with core competencies, syncing content with your LMS, to increasing training completion, we’re here to help at every turn.

About Learnsoft

Learnsoft offers organizations in highly regulated industries comprehensive training technology solutions. Learnsoft delivers a fully configurable, SaaS-based enterprise learning technology platform encompassing LMS (Learning Management System) and TMS (Talent Management System) capabilities. Designed for ease of use, content integration, and intelligent reporting, Learnsoft provides a complete, integrated view of an organization’s learners and their learning progress.