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OpenSesame Now Features Mindleaders Online Training Courses

Big news! The OpenSesame team is proud to announce that we have partnered with Mindleaders to add their catalog of more than 2,800 elearning courses to the OpenSesame marketplace.

With courses on everything from technical certification to business and soft skills, Mindleaders is recognized worldwide for the wide scope of their catalog, the excellent production techniques and thoughtful instructional design. We’re thrilled to offer a catalog of courses that features:

  • Incredibly broad selection. With courses on everything from high tech and financial planning to soft skills and compliance, Mindleaders courses offer affordable, effective elearning courses for even highly specialized learning needs.
  • Videos that tell a story. Instead of boring learners to death with text-heavy slide presentations and droning narrators, Mindleaders courses combine a variety of media to engage learners’ attention and illustrate concepts.
  • Get certified. Many Mindleaders courses can be used to earn certifications on a variety of topics – developing well-qualified employees and expanding your organization’s capabilities.
  • Continuing education units. Mindleaders courses in several categories offer continuing education credits, enabling your employees to keep their professional credentials up to date with engaging courses they can take on their own schedule.

Just to illustrate how broad the selection of courses in the Mindleaders catalog is, check out this highlight reel of great courses:

We’re thrilled to expand the already-diverse offerings in the OpenSesame marketplace with this comprehensive assortment of great elearning courses.

Have questions? Looking for a course? We can work with you to design a training curriculum that meets your organization’s specific needs.