OpenSesame Partners with The Moxie Exchange, Elevating Workplace Inclusivity Together

We’re happy to announce the addition of The Moxie Exchange to OpenSesame Plus this August

This month, we’re delighted to share that The Moxie Exchange is now an OpenSesame Plus publisher. With courses that can truly reshape your approach to workplace inclusivity, including The Moxie Exchange in the OpenSesame Plus catalog is a strong step forward in our shared commitment to fostering diverse and equitable workplaces.

The Moxie Exchange isn’t just another player in the training arena—they’re industry pioneers, recognized for their exceptional work in promoting inclusivity within professional environments. Their Everyday Inclusion App has earned well-deserved attention for its innovative approach to helping build workplace cultures that value and respect every individual.

But the true strength of The Moxie Exchange lies in their robust diversity, equity, and inclusion training content. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about equipping organizations with actionable tools to cultivate company cultures that celebrate diversity and prioritize equity. Now, as part of OpenSesame Plus, this impactful content is more easily available than ever.

“The collaboration with Moxie is really exciting for us. Their unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces perfectly aligns with OpenSesame’s goal of providing engaging content that spurs meaningful, positive growth across any organization.”

Spencer Thornton, SVP of Curation, OpenSesame

With over a decade of experience, The Moxie Exchange has dedicated themselves to creating workplaces that embrace understanding, respect, and belonging. The crux of their approach lies in acknowledging that people genuinely want to contribute positively, they simply need the proper tools. This is where Moxie and OpenSesame excel together. With Moxie as our newest Plus Publisher, Learning and Development leaders can more effectively deliver practical, actionable content that resonates with real-world challenges, and guides individuals towards meaningful change in the workplace.