Oracle LMS

Oracle Learning + OpenSesame: Combined Learning Technology Improves Organizational Talent Performance

OpenSeasame and Oracle Learning are combining capabilities to lead the elearning market into a future of learning, upskilling, and reskilling. 

A global provider of technology-enabled and personalized learning solutions, Oracle Learning, and OpenSesame, a leading global workforce elearning provider, are joining forces to automate learning workflows beyond AICC.

The direct integrations enable convenient, time-saving tools for adding new workforce training. Courses and select metadata are delivered directly to a partner learning platform—no need for manual downloads and uploads.

In the past, traditional Learning and Development programs were rife with manual processes prone to inefficiency. Courses that are manually curated and delivered lead to poor analytics and employee engagement. The result is ineffective learning and aimless performance, potentially leading to disengagement for both L&D teams and employees.

With the combined power of Oracle Learning + OpenSesame, training utilization across an entire organization is boosted and enhanced. 

  • Seamlessly gives team access to relevant learning resources
  • Helps organizations and individuals upskill, reskill, and stay future-ready
  • Increases employee engagement and training utilization
  • Strengthens employee retention and recruitment

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