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OSHA Regulations & Safety Training Solutions by Vivid Learning

There is no predicting the potential costs a workplace accident can create for your company. Beyond the financial obligations, you want to ensure that your employees are comfortable and able to work efficiently without having to worry about their safety. Fortunately, many of these workplace accidents can be avoided if the proper safety and communication precautions are taken into account. As an employer, it is critical to make sure that your employees are given current information on the potential hazards that exist in your workplace and know how to take the correct preventative steps to avoid them.

Vivid Learning Systems offers many safety training courses that span a variety of different workplace environments. Vivid courses also implement helpful features to further aid the users of the course including: audio narrations, videos, animations, and quizzes.

As well as informing employees on certain dangers found around the workplace, many Vivid Learning Systems’ training courses inform users about OSHA safety regulated guidelines. These OSHA training course ensure that employees are aware of certain safety precautions they are legally required to fulfill. Not only do these courses reduce a company’s risk of having a workplace accident, but make sure that companies are fulfilling certain legal regulatory safety laws.

Utilizing these safety training courses by Vivid Learning Systems will inform your employees about the many dangers found in the workplace and how to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. Below are the top 10 selling courses by Vivid Learning Systems for 2012 to date.

Title Price Length
OSHA – Personal Protective Equipment $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Slips, Trips, and Falls $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Bloodborne Pathogens $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Hazard Communication $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Fire Safety $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Electrical Safety $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Hearing Conservation $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Basic First Aid $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Hand and Power Tools $12.00** 20 minutes
OSHA – Driver Safety $12.00** 20 minutes

**Volume Discount Available
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