Protecting The “Real” You From The “Virtual” You

From the time you grab your smart phone in the morning to when you answer that final e-mail at night, you are leaving a digital trail of texts, emails, posts on social media, video meetings and phone calls.

Put together, they create a vivid digital footprint of who you are. Or, at least, who you are in the virtual world. Believe it or not, the virtual you can have a profound impact on the real you. A virtual mistake can still have very real consequences. And unlike footprints on a beach, a digital footprint can exist forever. 

Most people fly through their day without thinking twice about that footprint — what it says about them or its permanence. If they did, they probably would approach what they send, post or say in a more thoughtful, deliberate way.

Do you ever read your e-mails or texts and imagine how they would sound if read in public? Or if the person you were writing them to, or about, were sitting across the table from you? Do you consider the potential ramifications — on your family, friends or company — before posting on social media? Are you aware of how clients, colleagues and co-workers view you — literally and figuratively — based on your interaction with them via Zoom meetings and conference calls?  

On any given day you can find a story about an individual or large entity that is suffering unexpected, and sometimes dire, consequences from some form of digital communication. There are also daily examples of people who utilized their digital platforms to make a positive impact or create an impression or opportunity that reflects well on them and everyone associated with them. Of course, we all make mistakes, even with the best intentions. There are examples of smart and not-so-smart ways to deal with a digital communique gone wrong as well. 

Everything Is On The Record is dedicated to helping you and your company get the greatest benefit from digital platforms and virtual technology, navigate avoidable consequences and/or address them in an effective manner when they happen. We believe in crisis prevention rather than crisis management, but we also realize that the latter happens to all of us at one time or another; there’s a reason we all keep fire extinguishers in our homes even though we’re not purposely looking to set anything on fire. Whether it’s how to build a brand or industry-leading image via digital platforms, avoid virtual catastrophes or communicate more effectively as an employer or employee through virtual means, we offer tips, exercises and real-life examples to help anyone who wants to be seen in the best light possible, digitally or otherwise. Everything is on the record — but there is a way to decide what that record consists of and what part of that everything everyone sees. We look forward to showing you how.

More about Everything Is On The Record

Everything Is On The Record brings relevant and timely instruction about the power and hazards of social media use for individuals and organizations. Ric Bucher of Fox Sports, and Brian Berger, host of Sports Business Radio bring their years of experience working with professional athletes and sports teams to help leaders, managers, and employees understand social media.

Subjects include understanding the crossover between a corporate and personal brand, simple steps to help you post more effectively and safely, scrubbing your social media, controlling media interviews, presenting yourself in meetings, and handling inappropriate social media posts by employees.

The presenter-style videos provide engaging stories that draw cautionary tales from real-world social media events. The courses include quizzes, prompts and self-reflection activities to help learners engage and remember these valuable lessons.