Supporting an LGBT inclusive workplace

Much progress has been made in recent years to support those that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) in our social consciousness, including in the workplace. Non-discriminatory workplaces are on the rise as ethnic and gender diverse workforces are proven to have financial returns above their industry mean. The definition of a diverse and non-discriminatory workforce should reflect our increasingly aware society, moving to include LGBT identification as a factor of diversity.

Small successes amongst ongoing challenges

Organizations are embracing that societal awareness as an increasing number of employers have earned perfect scores on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, a study which rates workplaces on LGBT equality. In 2012, only 319 employers scored a perfect 100 percent on the Index, whereas in 2018, a record 947 employers scored a perfect 100 percent. This increase marked the critical move to support the LGBT community in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the LGBT community has hurdles beyond racial and gender markers to become comfortable and secure in the workplace. Earlier in 2018, a teacher in Miami, Florida claimed she was fired from her job solely for identifying as gay. With discrimination of that kind still prevalent in the workplace, it is important to encourage a tolerant and accepting work environment that fully supports non-discrimination practices.

Increase productivity with LGBT inclusivity training

LGBT inclusivity in the workplace is necessary for a more productive and diverse workforce. To quote the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, “It’s no surprise that many top-scoring businesses are also top-performing businesses. They know that creating inclusive workplaces and communities where their employees can thrive is an investment in their own competitive edge.” Therefore, it is also no surprise that fighting discrimination and encouraging tolerance is important for the success of the modern workplace.

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