Top 10 Courses to Help You Survive Your Company Holiday Party

It’s December and that means it’s almost time for that dreaded annual event: the company holiday party. Prepare yourselves for a feast of mediocre food and awkward small talk, enlivened only by the one co-worker who has better-than-expected dance moves. 

But we’re here for you. Take the 10 online training courses below and you’ll be ready to do more than survive your holiday party. You’ll sail through it like the pleasant, charming class act that you are.

  1. Sexual Harassment? You Decide by VisionPoint: Know the boundaries of respectful interactions in this potential minefield situation.
  2. Personal Impact and Charisma in Leaders by Cegos: Make a strong impression with your colleagues by developing your personal charisma and communication skills for a wide audience.  
  3. Business Dining Etiquette by Advancing With Style: Make sure your impeccable table manners show senior management that you’re ready for a promotion.
  4. The Facts About Alcohol by Drug Free Business Solutions: Keep yourself and your colleagues safe by ensuring no one overindulges.
  5. Networking Tips Small Talk 101 by Spark Training and Coaching Associates: Learn how to strike up conversation with your networking targets.
  6. The Bouncer’s Bible: The Art and Science of Working the Door by BouncerGear: Are the jerks from down the hall trying to break into your party? Keep out interlopers with tips from this professional bouncer.
  7. Coping with Stress by LearnCreate: Worried that you won’t be able to have fun at the holiday party because of scary year-end deadlines? Develop some stress management techniques to get you through this difficult time of year.
  8. Workplace Relationship Etiquette by Success Associates: Prepare yourself to negotiate awkward situations with aplomb and a dose of excellent manners.
  9. Handling Difficult Situations by Impact Achievement Group: Let us help you develop some coping mechanisms to deal with challenging situations like cutting off one of your coworkers from the open bar.
  10. Food Service and Sanitation by Digital 2000: Are you in charge of the buffet? Supervising the catering company? Keep your team safe by making sure food is properly prepared and handled.

What are your worst holiday party horror stories? Are there any training courses that could have prepared you to cope? Tell us in the comments below!