What’s New and Trending in OpenSesame’s Course Catalog in the Month of June

OpenSesame is constantly seeking out innovative publishers and popular course topics to add to our OpenSesame Plus subscription which includes our most exclusive elearning content. In just the month of June, 181 new courses were added representing 20 various publishers. While all of our content is worth checking out, here are a few highlights from our newest additions.

Management Pocketbooks, a publisher that creates courses tailored towards managers, leaders, and employees in every industry has just released a variety of courses covering the topics of communication, decision making, and virtual presentation/webinar courses. 

Packt, a go-to resource for developer learning, has updated a few of their courses that are now ready to prepare your teams for the rest of this year. The courses now include AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02) Exam Prep, Data Science and Machine Learning with R, and their React courses.

SAP Litmos, a publisher that specializes in content to fuel your business and beyond, has come out with two new series. The first series provides the necessary expertise for your team to become confident and efficient interviewers. The second series focuses on accelerating and improving mentorship skills.

OpenSesame Plus’ newest addition, Symmetra, has come out with a new course called Disability Inclusion. This is a 15-minute module that examines the unconscious bias that surrounds people with disabilities and provides tools to help overcome this stigma.

The Expert Academy, which includes a library of 70 courses, has just added a new course titled Remote Working and Virtual Management. As organizations enter a hybrid environment with a dispersed workforce, these courses are crucial for helping employees adapt to these constant changes.

Trüpp, an HR service provider, has contributed an exciting course to our DEI category. This course, Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace, is a foundational session for building a more respectful and safe workplace.

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