What's new in August 2021

What’s New and Trending in OpenSesame’s Course Catalog in the Month of August

OpenSesame has released the newest additions to our extensive course catalog from the month of August. OpenSesame Plus subscribers now have access to 427 new courses, coming from a variety of new and old publishers. These courses cover topics ranging from BIM software training to leadership and business skills development.


OpenSesame Plus welcomes four new, global publishers this month

Axonify’s interactive, micro-courses have been built for key verticals such as Retail, Grocery, Contact Centers, Financial Services, and Distribution. With a growing library of courses on subjects such as: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Business Skills, Effective Communication, Leadership, Sales, Harassment Prevention, and Safety, Axonify’s library helps keep learners engaged and performing at their best. Some courses that can help you immediately include Employee Health: Am I Healthy Enough to Go to Work?: Identifying Possible Symptoms of COVID-19 and New Leader: Change Management: Implementing Change.

Global eTraining offers a wide range of Autodesk and other BIM software and skills training for managers, leaders, and employees in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industries. Their award-winning course creation tool, ‘The Generator,’ was built to support all combinations of learning styles and learning cycles, and places focus on subject matter experts needing to convey knowledge quickly and efficiently. If this is relevant to your industry and role, one course you should check out is Autodesk AutoCAD: Civil 3D – The Complete Guide which is available as part of the exclusive GeT Everything Library.

Pink University’s 130+ eurocentric business skills, leadership, communication, and sales courses, offered in both German and English, expertly uses live actors to drive narratives forward, while incorporating blended learning materials, such as reflection beats and downloadable resources into each course. If you’re looking to strengthen your team’s communication skills, take a look at the course around Giving Feedback.

OpenDoors provides expert knowledge and dynamic content featuring descriptive scenarios, performed by actors, to display vivid examples of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) issues in the workplace. Covering critical topics from microaggressions, to allyship, to hiring for DEI, to measuring success of DEI programs, these courses will inspire meaningful conversations and bolster DEI initiatives. Some game-changing courses include Defining Your “Why” in DEI and Measuring DEI Impact.


Additional highlights from the newest courses added to OpenSesame’s course catalog

Mind Channel continues to build on their hybrid working course library with a new course that provides managers with the tools needed to effectively lead a hybrid team.

Intellezy has come out with a course to help learners get an introductory overview about Virtual Training. During this course, they will discover the tools necessary for interactive design, how to structure their courses, matching methods with content, using voice and visuals to engage their learners, dealing with questions, difficult situations, and overall time management and preparation tips.

Our publisher, Real Projects, has produced a series of courses focused around preparation and safety for work travel, while one of our top publishers for customer service, ServiceSkills, has released a series of courses around Neurodiversity at work. These courses can help your team members learn how to be a more mindful and supportive ally in a way that benefits everyone.

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