Announcing mLearnSocialDevConLearnGame

Announcing mLearnSocialDevConLearnGame

OpenSesame is proud to announce that we’re founding a new conference, mLearnSocialDevConLearnGame, which will focus on connections between social learning environments, mobile technologies, instructional design and online learning. From October 29-31, 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago, we’ll convene thought leaders in the elearning, gaming, mobile technology and social media sectors to share ideas and brainstorm the future.

The 2011 mLearnSocialDevConLearnGame will be the first-ever conference bringing together discussions about mobile technology, social networks and serious learning games. “We think the use of social networks in collaboration with high quality courseware and games will enable the creation of flexible knowledge-sharing environments,” said OpenSesame CEO Don Spear. “We’re pleased to offer this opportunity for social media, mobile learning and gaming technologists to create the future of online learning.”

mLearnSocialDevConLearnGame will be an unprecedented opportunity for thought leaders in the learning and development sector to explore how emerging technologies enable communication, collaborative course creation and development of robust, dynamic communities of practice.

“I was thrilled and shocked to be asked to keynote this inaugural conference,” said Kevin Thorn, author of the Learn Nuggets blog. “If you’re deeply embedded in any of these areas of learning or you’re new to the industry trying to sort it all out, this is everything dumped into one big pot. Combining all the emerging technologies in one place, at one time, with the leading thought leaders is a conference not to miss!”

“We’re thrilled to provide a venue for these technology threads to come together in one place,” said OpenSesame Vice President for Business and Community Development Tom Turnbull. “Everyone should bring their creative ideas and fresh perspectives!”

In a “bonus” activity, game developers and social media experts will collaborate on a 24 hour hackathon to create a social training game template that will made available to conference registrants for use in their organizations. “We look forward to creating a library of off-the-shelf resources for creating social games,” said OpenSesame Senior Vice President and General Manager Josh Blank. “Besides, hackathons are super fun.”

Registrations open today, April 1, and will continue through May 31. Send us a tweet at @OpenSesameNow if you’re interested in registering.

And of course, we’ll have the classic OpenSesame hoodie conference game. Maybe this time, we’ll give away MacBook Airs.