Course of the Week: Personal Development and Wellness

So much of our focus from week to week is how we can be more productive. We feel pressure from coworkers, managers and clients to not only get more done, but to get it done FAST. Unfortunately this pressure often results in LESS productivity, as our anxiety and resulting bad mood paralyze us from moving forward.

Our ‘Course of the Week’ offering this week from Vubiz is geared toward helping you overcome these mental barriers–to ease your mind and help increase productivity. This week only, enjoy 70% savings on the Personal Wellness and Development bundle, three hours of courses geared toward improving your professional life. Get 12 months of access for only $46.80. Included in the bundle:

After completing the bundle, learners will better be able to assess the causes of anxiety and mood changes, as well as be armed with tools to help overcome these changes. Once these challenges are out of the way, the learner will then be given tips on how to better manage their time and communicate more effectively with their coworkers to avoid future issues.

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