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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Verbal Communication

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Verbal Communication by ej4

How do you make a point effectively in a conversation? What voice traits make you more persuasive? More credible? How do you eliminate non-fluencies (ya know, uh, er, um, kinda, like, type of, etc.) that make you sound less professional? What are common errors in talking with others and what do you do about them? This program answers these questions to help you communicate verbally better with others.

What’s In This Course

  • Video clips
  • In-line Quizzes
  • Course guide for note-taking

About the Seller

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ej4 is not a company that trains on site, creates interactive courseware, or just produces videos. ej4 specializes in Maxecution™! This means our job is to get maximum results – we “move the needle” and show a tangible difference in our efforts. The use of video is our preferred medium and is a means to an end. It can be standardized, used remotely, and is always available. And Maxecution™ video is proven to be more effective than interactive courseware and just as effective as live training.
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