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Find the Best Educational Technology Tools for Your Teaching Style

Old-school educators may despise educational technology because they are used to conventional teaching methods, but teachers who have tried using modern tools cannot deny that they enable them to connect with their students better than ever.

If you are a teacher who hasn’t started using educational technology tools, then you need to do something about it. You surely want to connect with your students on a higher level, and the following selection of tools will enable you to do that:

  1. Edmodo is a platform that connects you with your students and their parents. This tool enables you to check the assignments of your students and provide them with immediate feedback, edit all needed documents and collaborate with your students on a whole other level.
  2. Education Elements is a great tool for classroom management. It enables you to customize the learning environment according to your students’ learning style, which results in improved interaction between you and the students.
  3. Engrade enables you to connect certain students to the right resource at the proper point of time. This tool provides you with several useful features that enable you to manage the daily activities in the classroom, integrate curriculum content from third parties, analyze the strength and weaknesses of each student, filter and assign digital content, and much more.
  4. NinjaEssays will help you manage the stress levels when you have too much work to do. As a teacher who’s in pace with the contemporary teaching methods, you have to prepare presentations, articles, and learning resources on a daily basis. When your daily schedule becomes too busy, you can delegate some of your responsibilities to this writing help site and get the assistance of trained and experienced professional writers.
  5. Nearpod is the ultimate way of associating education with mobile technology. Teachers use this tool to monitor the activities in the classroom, share useful content with the students, and interact with the classroom in real time.
  6. Desmos helps you bring the subject of math closer to your students. Making math enjoyable and interesting for students is the hardest thing to do for a teacher, but the intuitive features of Desmos will help achieve that goal.
  7. LearnZillion is an educator-oriented online community. You won’t be charged anything to create an account, so you can start getting involved today. LearnZillion provides teachers with a great number of resources that enhance their professional development.
  8. DuckDuckMoose is a great source of educational apps designed to inspire kids to learn. You can use these apps to help your students learn the things that are difficult to understand. There are many apps featured on the website, so you can experiment with different resources and find out what works best in your classroom.
  9. Kidaptive is a great source of adaptive contents and fun stories that help young students learn better. The weekly newsletter that suggests tips for your students’ development is also very useful. Kids adore iPads, so you might as well benefit from that inclination by presenting the curriculum through that
  10. Lumosity is useful for both you and your students. With the daily activities of brain training supported by this tool, its users can train and improve their attention and memory through a personalized approach. The progress in problem solving skills, speed, flexibility, attention, and memory is clearly visible.

Start improving your teaching methods today!

Students are familiar with the online environment, so you can use their preference for online tools and apps to get them excited about learning. There are numerous platforms and tools that have been developed with the purpose of inspiring kids and teens to learn and conceptualize the process of studying as an interesting and interactive daily activity. You can start experimenting with the 10 tools we listed above and see what works best in your classroom environment. As soon as you and your students get used to collaborating through EdTech tools, you will start wondering how you ever managed to do your job without them.

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Robert Morris is educator and freelance writer, you can find him on Google+

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