Tp 5 L&D podcasts

Five L&D podcasts we love

The Learning and Development world is such a busy and vibrant sector to work in that it can be difficult to keep up with industry-wide conversations. Fortunately, there are dozens of podcasts to keep you up-to-date on the move, no matter your role or level. Take a look at GoodPractice’s picks for top five L&D podcasts:

The eLearning Coach

Connie Malamed is something of a superstar of instructional design in the US, and her relaxed style makes The eLearning Coach one of the most enjoyable learning podcasts out there. Episodes are released on an ad hoc basis but are always a treat, with informal conversation and a deep dive into topics like gamification, agile development and storyboarding. If you develop e-learning, this is the podcast for you.

The Learning and Development Podcast

This new addition to 2019 offers studio-quality production with host David James’s expert insights into all things Learning and Development. Guests this season have included Sukh Pabial, Kate Graham, Nick Shackleton-Jones and Barbara Thompson, each sharing their views on topics shaping – or damaging – the learning and development industry.

Emotion at Work

The Emotion at Work podcast hasn’t been active for a while, but we think that its back catalogue is such a rich resource that we’re recommending it anyway. Host Phil Willcox explores the role that emotion plays in our relationships, our reactions to conflict, and how we perform at work, providing a safe space to explore these topics in conversations that are thoughtful and revealing, backed up by research and evidence.


Although not strictly an L&D podcast, behaviour economics plays such an important role in the design of learning and the workplace that we think Freakonomics is a crucial entry on this list. Launched as an extension to the global bestseller of the same name, Freakonomics has since dropped nearly 400 episodes. Don’t be fooled if it sounds dry: host Stephen Dubner recently tackled topics like sports gambling, the future of meat and an interview with Dr Marijuana Pepsi (her real name). If you’re looking to assess how incentives and systems support or hinder your learning interventions, this is a great place to start.

The GoodPractice podcast

Obviously, we have to mention our own podcast. Now into its third year, our weekly podcast has been downloaded over 160,000 times and occasionally takes to the road for live shows with real, honest-to-goodness human audiences. Each week, hosts Ross Garner, Ross Dickie and Nicola Boyle chat with regular contributor Owen Ferguson and a special guest about topics such as evidence-based practice, performance support, challenges to face-to-face learning and (wherever possible) libertarian paternalism. And, of course, we always finish with our regular feature ‘What I Learned This Week’, a fan favourite that we hear has become a fixture at team meetings across the world.

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