Cybersecurity training

Get your entire team trained for cyber security

While National Cyber Security Awareness month just ended, it is always a great time to make sure you’re taking proactive steps to make a plan to train your workforce. Did you know a data breach not only affects your company’s reputation, but can cost your company anywhere from $1.25 million to $8.19 million? And new laws and regulations concerning the security of customer data means that cost could only rise in the coming years.

Common areas of vulnerability

While technology has helped automate many  business processes, the opportunities for breaches has multiplied as a result. It is essential that your employees are not only cautious with their computers, but also with their cell phones and USB connections. Something as simple as using a USB plug to charge your phone in a public place can leave your information vulnerable if you don’t take necessary precautions.   

52% of businesses admit that their employees’ biggest weakness is in IT security. Furthermore 46% of cyber security incidents are from careless or under trained staff. 

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In addition, be sure to check out this recent OpenSesame webinar with expert Dr. Robert K. Minitti from OpenSesame course publisher Wolters Kluwer where he outlines how to incorporate fraud and IT security as part of your learning and development strategy. 

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