Getting the right blend: building a blended learning strategy

Getting the right blend: building a blended learning strategy

In a recent OpenSesame webinar, David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, explored what it takes to create a truly blended learning strategy. Despite the wealth of learning methods, modalities and technologies available, most organizations still consider using instructor-led classes and elearning to be a blended learning strategy. Given the needs of today’s businesses and the modern learner, that’s not sufficient enough though. 

Building a blended learning strategy needs to start with the strong foundation of a good learning technology. 50% of L&D professionals say poor user experience is the largest barrier to satisfaction with their learning technology and 88% of businesses cite poor user experience as the number one reason for switching their learning technology solution. When selecting the right learning technology solution there are three main things to consider from the perspective of an admin:

    • Integration with learning management system
    • Metrics/learning analytics available
    • Finding the right courses and curating learning

Once you have the foundation of your learning technology built, it’s time to blend it with other learning strategies so that it is as effective as possible. According to the Brandon Hall Group 2019 Learning strategy survey, an effective blended learning program consists of three types of learning, broken down into roughly these percentages. 

    • 42% Formal- Courses, instructor led, classroom learning 
    • 35% Informal- peer to peer, job shadowing, observation 
    • 23% Experiential- trial and error, learning by doing

Building a blended learning strategy can help you deliver the best possible experience to your learners and your organization.  Learn more and watch the webinar here. 

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