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The Hidden Benefits of Online Training with OpenSesame

There is not just one reason why enterprises make the elearning leap. Some companies are looking for a way to train remote employees, others need a way to accommodate scheduling conflicts. Others still are just fed up with the old way of doing things and are looking for a more efficient, transparent way to share information.

Knowing change is necessary doesn’t make it any easier! However, enterprises that make the switch to online training with OpenSesame find that the transition is easier than they ever imagined.

In addition to meeting their basic needs, our corporate clients have found unforeseen benefits to using OpenSesame for their online training needs.

  1. Flexible licensing options

    OpenSesame is committed to offering the best options for your specific needs. We have three licensing options – by the seat, pay-per-use and site license – to make sure you get the most out of your training and development budget.

  1. Shop from multiple providers

    Unlike catalogs of training content that only offer content from their training provider, we offer creative content from hundreds of quality providers including MindLeaders, Wiley, FranklinCovey, and more.

  2. Incredible customer service

    Even the best product would be difficult to use without sufficient support. Recognizing that elearning is often a new step for our clients, we’re committed to providing the best customer service possible. If you’re having trouble with anything, chat or call us for fast, efficient service – we respond to customer support emails in an average of 4 minutes.

If you’re still not convinced that OpenSesame is the best choice for helping you transition to online learning, give us a chance to convince you. Click here to learn more about OpenSesame and request a sample license.

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