How to Complete OSHA Training Online

Between safeguarding employees’ well-being, protecting workplace morale, minimizing insurance risks and complying with federal regulations, providing employees with safety training is essential. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal regulatory agency responsible for establishing and enforcing guidelines for workplace safety.   

OSHA promulgates regulations to protect employee safety, including 10-hour and 30-hour training requirements for specific employee roles. OSHA 10-hour training is intended for entry level workers, while 30-hour training is focused on supervisors or workers who are responsible for others’ safety. The goal of the 10-hour and 30-hour requirements is ensuring that workers will be able to do their job with a solid understanding of workplace hazards, prevention techniques and complaint filing procedures.

Traditionally, many organizations have hired OSHA-authorized trainers to visit their workplaces to give in-person training sessions. This is expensive and disruptive to normal work flows. Whenever and wherever an Internet connection is available, online training is at your fingertips. For employers, online training makes it easy to track learners’ progress, making complying with regulations effective and efficient.

The OpenSesame marketplace features courses from several OSHA-certified course developers, including:

One closing note: When evaluating OSHA safety training courses, remember that only OSHA-certified online course providers can issue OSHA certificates. Read course descriptions carefully and get in touch if you have questions.

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