How Your Business Should Be Using Pinterest

Pinterest, one of the newer social media networks, has been hugely successful with its users. Rated as 2014’s number one social network in customer satisfaction, Pinterest is quickly becoming the social media site. But before Pinterest can get there, it needs to overcome a few obstacles, such as the impression that Pinterest is all about online scrapbooking and that you can’t be productive. For most people, this is true, but in reality if you know how to use it effectively you can take advantage of Pinterest’s huge audience and use the site to organize information, find inspiration, market your own site and products, and so much more. Learn how others are using Pinterest to benefit their company and increase their marketing campaigns so you can learn from their examples and become a Pinterest marketing pro!

Become Inspired!

Have you ever needed to create a list but have no idea where to start or what to include? You’ve tried to Google ideas, but you’re getting too wide a range and you just don’t like what you’re finding—so what should you do? Use Pinterest. The site’s visual orientation helps you filter through useful versus irrelevant content without having to click through pages and pages of search results.

Let’s say you wanted to create a list of the best ways you can use social media for your business; all you need to do is type into Pinterest’s search bar “Social media marketing tips” or “Social media for business,” and you will instantly be able to see countless images relating to your search. You will probably see a lot of infographics, along with other images and visuals. Infographics are great because all the information is there already, but one of the coolest features about Pinterest is that each pin links to its original source. What this means is if you see an image and want to know where it came from or the article behind it, simply click on the image and you’ll be taken to the original website. If taken advantage of, this can be a huge aid to your company. By posting interesting images and articles, and making sure the descriptions other pinners see will entice them to learn more, you can drive traffic to your site!

Beside making lists, Pinterest can provide inspiration for a plentitude of other things as well, such as content or designs for your own infographic, using the pins in the “Popular” category to inspire your own content, and brainstorming ideas for your next blog post.

Police Departments Using Pinterest to Fight Crime

While many people use Pinterest to find inspiration and create an online scrapbook, a few police departments have begun to use the site as a public outreach tool that creates community involvement. It started two years ago with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department when their public relations specialist realized no other police department was taking advantage of the site’s opportunities and decided to try it out. KCPD has more than 1,300 pins across 44 boards that range from topics such as “Cool Police Equipment” and “Proud Moments” to “Missing Persons” and “Identifying Street Drugs & Paraphernalia;” they even have a board called “KCPD Fuzzy Friends” that just so happens to be their most popular board.

Not long after the Kansas City Police Department jumped on the Pinterest train, other police departments began to join the site as well and have found it to be a great tool. These other departments are using Pinterest to create community awareness by posting pictures of lost or stolen items on boards which the community can then check if they are missing something. In this way, Police Departments are able to receive help in solving robbery cases and reach people who they might otherwise not have been able to contact. Police departments are using it for a number of different reasons, but the biggest perk for them is the community involvement it has generated.

The More the Merrier: Other Industries Using Pinterest

There are a number of other industries using Pinterest in many different ways. Real Estate Agents have pages featuring boards on moving tips, home decor, dream homes, and current listings. Healthcare facilities have created accounts in order to promote healthy lifestyles and offer simple medical advice. Manufacturing and engineering companies such as General Electric, are making waves in Pinterest as well, and have become popular for their boards that highlight new products and show some of what happens behind the scenes on the factory floor. Technology and software companies are using the website as well to promote their products, and even a few startups, such as OpenSesame, have ventured onto the site to get their names out there. There are other industries as well—higher education, political organizations, nonprofits, insurance companies, and even grocery stores are taking advantage of Pinterest!

Are you using Pinterest? Have a great Pinterest tip or idea? Let us know commenting below!