INFOGRAPHIC: The Present and Future of Women in Tech

The last fifty years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of women in the workforce and the acceptance of women choosing to have careers in exchange for or in addition to raising a family. Because tech is a front-runner in many fields, you’d think the tech industry would be following this trend and hiring more female workers, but unfortunately this is not yet the case. Instead, the male-dominated industry tends to limit (whether intentionally or not) the number of positions available to women, which overall limits growth and leaves out a valuable demographic. For the tech industry to continue to dominate, it needs to take advantage of its female resources. This infographic gives some background on women in the tech industry and how women workers can benefit the field. While some of the stats are disappointing, there is also growth in the right direction.

OpenSesame is proud to participate in various women-driven tech events here in Portland. Our employees attend the PDX Women in Tech Meetup and we’re excited to encourage the next generation of girls to consider a career in tech through organizations including ChickTech and Girls Inc.