Inspire your learners with TED

Recently, we announced our partnership with one of the most notable content brands in the world, TED. 

TED Talks like The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown or How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek (giving us one of our favorite metaphors, “the golden circle”) have inspired us as individuals with new ideas and perspectives. Meanwhile, organizations worldwide have leveraged TED Talks to motivate their employees, but looked to TED to do more to  drive action afterwards. So how do we move from inspiration to action? How can we apply the bold, ambitious ideas shared from the TED stage to our own work? 

Here are three new ways to incorporate TED courses into your workplace learning initiatives to drive organizational change:


A growing library of TED@Work courses covers  critical topics such as leadership, collaboration, emotional intelligence, embracing change, and digital transformation.  Each includes an Ideas into Action framework to inspire new ways of working at the individual and team level.

TED Masterclass

This course helps learners master the art of public speaking and improve communication skills by learning to identify, refine, and deliver ideas so they make an impact. This action-oriented course guides learners through TED’s process as they develop their own TED-style talks. Bring TED’s approach to sharing ideas to your workforce. 

OpenSesame Plus 

OpenSesame Plus includes a curated subset of courses from TED@Work, including TED Talks and short, animated TED-Ed lessons. 

We are thrilled to be partnering with TED. Learn more about the new TED courses available from OpenSesame.