July 2023 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

We are delighted to announce the exciting addition of 360 Immersive and The URL dr. to OpenSesame Plus. With their unique expertise, OpenSesame Plus now provides organizations with enhanced learning experiences in immersive virtual reality (VR) training and insightful courses that empower learners to thrive in every aspect of life. 

“I am thrilled about the addition of 360 Immersive and The URL dr. to OpenSesame Plus. These esteemed publishers bring unique expertise and valuable content that will empower learners to explore new dimensions of learning and personal development.”

Spencer Thornton, SVP of Curation, OpenSesame

360 Immersive specializes in creating captivating VR training experiences. Through innovative VR technology, learners can engage in lifelike simulations and interactive environments. From technical skills to soft skill development, 360 Immersive courses offer a learning journey that goes beyond traditional methods that enhances engagement and knowledge retention.

The URL dr. focuses on holistic growth and development. Their course offerings cover a wide range of topics including soft skills, health and wellbeing, and self-development. Learners can explore courses on communication skills, stress management techniques, personal productivity, and much more. The URL dr.’s comprehensive content empowered individuals to thrive in various aspects of their personal and professional lives. 

With the addition of 360 Immersive and The URL dr. to OpenSesame Plus, organizations gain a diverse range of valuable learning resources. Unlock the power of VR training and holistic personal development. To learn more about OpenSesame Plus, schedule a demo and explore the extensive course library of courses from 360 Immersive, The URL Dr, and other world-class publishers.