Meeting Modern Challenges with Innovative Solutions: Blanchard and HowToo Join OpenSesame Plus

Level up your learning program with these powerful publishers

This month, we’re delighted to introduce two distinguished publishers to the OpenSesame Plus subscription: Blanchard, a titan in the space of leadership training, and HowToo, a leader in science and evidence-based learning. Here’s a look at how they can help you round out and improve your learning initiatives.

Blanchard: Shaping the Future of Leadership Development

Blanchard stands as a global authority in leadership development, consulting, and coaching. With a remarkable 40-plus-year track record, they’ve collaborated with organizations worldwide, driving individual achievement and ushering in transformation at the organizational level. Notably, their SLII®️ model serves as the global gold standard in leadership, inspiring leaders in over 10,000 organizations. 

Blanchard’s expertise shines through impactful micro courses, tailored to meet the needs of organizations striving for fulfillment, service, and growth. And their commitment to empowering individuals and driving organizational success makes them a trusted partner in the learning and development industry. 

What Sets Blanchard Apart

  • Relevant, Research-Backed Content: Their courses are founded on comprehensive research and real-world relevance.
  • Accessible and Inclusive Learning: Inclusivity is a central tenet of their approach, ensuring every learner enjoys a productive learning experience.
  • Proven Powerful Models: Blanchard’s models aren’t mere theories; they’re tried, tested, and proven to deliver results.

HowToo: Elevating Learning through Evidence-Based Excellence

HowToo is on a mission to expedite individual and organizational growth through data-driven learning. Plus, their courses are meticulously designed to provide each learner with a rewarding educational experience. With this approach, HowToo has earned over 60 awards, many of which recognize their content creation expertise. 

What distinguishes HowToo is their utilization of the Attention, Generation, Emotion, and Spacing (AGES) Model of learning. This neuroscience-based framework aids learners in focusing on content, engaging with it, experiencing positive emotions, and affording them time to process and absorb the material. This model helps organizations maximize their teams’ learning and fast-track those “aha!” moments. 

Some HowToo Highlights:

  • Highly Interactive Experiential Learning: Their courses prioritize active engagement, featuring assessments, video, and audio components.
  • Accessibility: They comply with WCAG 2.1 AA standards, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Global content: Their courses cater to a diverse international audience.

In today’s fast-paced world, where learning is the linchpin of success, these two new publishers offer dynamic solutions to the daily challenges of developing effective leaders and ensuring training material makes an impact.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these publishers being added to our marketplace. By folding them into your training initiatives, you’ll be that much more effective at creating a culture of learning and development that stands out in today’s competitive landscape.