What’s New and Trending in OpenSesame’s Course Catalog in the Month of July

OpenSesame has released the newest additions to our extensive course catalog from the past month of July. A total of 408 courses were added to the OpenSesame Plus subscription with representation of a huge variety of new and old publishers. These courses cover topics ranging from project management to how you can prepare your workforce for the upcoming hybrid environment.

OpenSesame Plus has gained not only one, but two new exciting publishers this month. 

Blinkist transforms the key insights from some of the best nonfiction novels into short, engaging summaries that take no longer than 15-minutes to listen to or read. OpenSesame has added 150 of these 15-minute reading sessions from Blinkist to the OpenSesame Plus subscription. Within these selections are courses that cover a variety of topics to effectively teach your workforce and lead them to become better and more successful individuals. Some of these titles include Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential by John C. Maxwell.

FutureThink is the second newest publisher now a part of OpenSesame’s library of courses. All 31 of their courses can help you to create a culture of collaboration and transform how teams work within your workplace. Create a Culture of Simplicity, Kill a Stupid Rule, and many more of their courses are led by their founder and CEO, Lisa Bodell, who is ranked as one of the top 50 speakers worldwide.

Check out some highlights from the newest courses added to OpenSesame’s course catalog.

Mind Channel has come out with new courses that provide helpful insights and tips on how to create an effective hybrid workplace. Their 7-minute courses are engaging and focus on 1-2 key objectives to prevent information overload.

We have gained more courses from our publisher Trüpp, a top HR provider. These courses can teach your team the best hiring and recruiting practices to successfully expand your workforce and curate the best team.

Finally, OpenSesame has added additional courses from Ej4 on the topic of project management microlearnings created to increase the intellectual value of your organization. Some of these courses include Scrum Framework Basics, Waterfall Model Basics, and Critical Path Method (CPM) Basics

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