OpenSesame announces partnership with Mind Tools for Business to expand its leadership and management library

Global organisations can now access a selection of Mind Tools for Business’s extensive collection of career skills training through the OpenSesame Plus subscription catalogue

Portland, OR – 23 March 2021 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of Mind Tools for Business to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription to expand its selection of leadership, management and personal effectiveness online training courses.

“At Mind Tools for Business, we are proud of the essential role that our digital learning resources and tools play in so many of our clients’ learning ecosystem,” said Nahdia Khan, Head of Learning Community and Customer Voice at Mind Tools for Business. “We recognize that learning leaders worldwide are challenged to select the ‘best’ resources from a wide range of specialist providers, each excelling in their particular fields.”

Building on the belief that learning is a motivating enterprise, Mind Tools for Business offers interactive, relevant and thought-provoking content to stimulate employees, support change, and enable problem-solving. Mind Tools for Business views the inclusion of its content and tools in the OpenSesame Plus library as a testament to the quality and utility of its ready-to-use catalogue of learning content, tools and resources. 

“With its refreshingly rigorous standards of quality and effectiveness, only the best learning resources make it into OpenSesame Plus,” added Khan, “which means that learning leaders can be confident that the resources they source through this avenue will hit the mark for their people.”

“With the world of work constantly changing and evolving, companies need leaders who can confidently motivate and manage their teams in any situation or environment,” said Spencer Thornton, Senior Vice President of Curation at OpenSesame. “We are pleased to partner with Mind Tools for Business to make a selection of their vibrant and engaging leadership, management and personal effectiveness resources available to enterprise organisations everywhere through our OpenSesame Plus library.”

Click here to view all MindTools for Business courses available from OpenSesame.

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Mind Tools for Business by Emerald Works is a global business with a passion for making a difference and changing lives through learning. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide opportunities for people to grow and impact society in a way that helps build a prosperous future for all. 

Mind Tools for Business by Emerald Works believes when people are inspired to learn they are empowered to thrive and develop – achieving more for themselves, for their communities and for their economies. This motivates us, unites us and inspires us in pursuit of our mission to empower people to flourish at work through practical workplace performance tools and resources.

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