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OpenSesame: eLearning Solutions for Corporations

Online learning is crucial for global enterprises and large corporations. Information travels more quickly than ever, meaning your team has to be constantly learning to stay ahead of the competition. They want to develop their skills to work smarter, but you have to give them opportunity. You must be able to provide the training they need wherever and whenever they need it.

Where can you find solutions that appeal to the diverse, ever-changing needs of your multi-generational team?

OpenSesame offers high quality online training that is affordable and adaptable to your corporation’s needs.  

Finding What You Need, When You Need It

OpenSesame is the largest marketplace for elearning courses, delivering more than 21,000 high quality courses from experts in the field including FranklinCovey, Wiley, and MindLeaders.

While we’ve done everything to ensure your search for elearning is as quick and easy as possible, we understand that sometimes you just need a little extra help (especially when you’re in a hurry).  

That’s why we offer services to help you select elearning that’s perfect for your needs. Send us your target competencies and we’ll help you map those to our catalog and send you a list of comprehensive elearning content.

Quality Online Training with Flexible Options

Corporations that care about keeping their employees skills sharp and competitive care about online training.  With large teams scattered across the globe, there’s no longer a ‘one size fits all’ option for purchasing and deploying training. Your team needs flexible learning technologies that work when you need them to reduce the skill gap between your employees and the competition.

That’s why OpenSesame makes the process of online training easy. We offer three licensing options: by-the-seat, pay-per-use or site license. Each of these plans are set up to stretch your elearning budget and avoid the inflexibility and negotiation required to work with other online training providers.

Once you’ve purchased courses from OpenSesame, we offer three easy ways to use your elearning courses. You can take the course instantly on OpenSesame, invite your employees to take the course via email, or use courses into your learning management system. Click here for more information.

As your team takes the courses, you can monitor their progress from your dashboard. This makes it easy to manage your online training program over time, even for large teams.

Training Globally

In an increasingly globalized workforce, OpenSesame understands the need to provide online training in different languages. We offer courses in 11 languages and have worked directly with buyers and sellers all over the world.  

Customer service

OpenSesame is committed to providing delightful customer support – quick solutions, friendly help and proactive staff members. We’re available to help you choose, purchase and use the courses you need anytime.

Interested in learning more about what OpenSesame has to offer? Click here.  

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