See what’s new with the Course Details Page

In our effort to improve the user experience when choosing the right courses for L&D programs, we’ve made significant improvements to the Course Details Page. Users visit the Course Details Page to learn more about an individual course and now it’s easier than ever to find the most important information about a course in one place.

What’s new with the Course Details Page:

Simplified purchasing options

    • Clicking the new Buy Now button starts an easy-to-navigate purchasing process.

Improved course preview.

    • Click the large thumbnail image to watch a demo of the course. 

Easy access to Publisher information

    • Check out the information about the course publisher now directly on the Course Detail page, such as publisher description, core competencies and quick access to all of the publisher’s courses available on OpenSesame.

Additional course details

    • Access more course details, if relevant, such as available subtitle languages and applicable regions. Seat time, accreditation information and a link to the System Requirements document can be found here as well.

Course ratings

    • Quickly see user ratings of the course on the right side of the page.

Curated Lists

    • Quickly access the Curated List that features this course to find other courses related to the topic curated by our Curation team.

Course recommendations

    • View and access related courses recommended by OpenSesame.

For more information about how you can evaluate which courses are best for your training program, contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support team.