Virtual Reality Might Just Be a “Reality” After All

Virtual Reality. A computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality. It’s a brilliant and exciting concept, but unfortunately, it has been more of a cliché than a reality over the last several years. VR is a technology that has shown promise and has seen validation from a variety of sources, yet has not seen the implementation that most people hoped for… until now. Below you will see areas where virtual reality is trending in society today.

Gaming Industry

Around the world virtual reality is becoming a hotter topic. We are finally beginning to see large amounts of funding and the first steps of implementation of this technology on a broad scale. Bloomberg News recently reported that some of Japan’s largest gaming companies are currently investing heavily in the VR sector. Gumi Inc. and Gree Inc. are two examples of companies dumping money into this new technology. investors believe this could be part of the next tech boom and are making comparisons to the introduction of the iPhone.

Corporate Implementation

Virtual reality is not just of interest to the gaming industry, it is also showing promise for the purpose of training and development within corporations. VR technology gives the potential for “hands-on” training, without the safety concerns of on-site training. The hope is that this technology will save companies time and money, as they’ll have the ability to train all of their employees virtually. One example of a large company that has already begun implementing this concept to more efficiently train employees is Samsung Electronics Co. As more companies begin to adopt this technology, we could see a major shift from traditional training methods to cyber training.

eLearning Match

So how does virtual reality relate to elearning? elearning is already changing the game when it comes to employee training. With the ability to train thousands of employees in a variety of topics for a fraction of the original cost, this market is expanding at an exponential rate. elearning is at the forefront of what could be another technology boom and is the most likely to adopt and implement new technology as it presents itself. If virtual reality turns out to be what we all hoped it would be, look no further than elearning. The next big technological duo could be upon us, and it’ll revolutionize the way we think about learning.