What should be on your employee onboarding checklist

What should be on your employee onboarding checklist

The onboarding process is critical for company culture and employee engagement, but formulating the perfect employee onboarding checklist can be time-consuming and eat up company resources. With OpenSesame’s elearning course options, your company will have the ability not only to optimize the onboarding process but also have the opportunity to teach to the individual learner. Especially in a remote work environment, onboarding sets the tone for your employees’ time with the company—so why not make it great? 

Here are a few of our must-haves for your employee onboarding checklist that will help your new hires make a smooth transition to full-time employees:

1. Compliance Courses 

Not only is compliance training important for workplace safety, but meeting your state’s standard for training is a legal requirement. It can cost your company big time to cut corners. The OSHA penalty for non-compliance is $13,260 but can get up to $132,398 after repeated offenses. Our OpenSesame publishers are contractually obligated to ensure their courses are compliant with legal regulations and are updated regularly, so you never have to worry about them going out of date.

Recommended compliance courses: 

2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Now more than ever, diversity and inclusion training initiatives are at the forefront of learning and development, but how can you successfully implement these programs and retain your diverse workforce? A 2019 Glassdoor study found that 49% of employed adults across four countries (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany) have witnessed or experienced racism, ageism, gender, or LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace. Make sure your company is part of the change and that new employees know the expectations and that guidelines are in place to protect them. An equitable and inclusive workplace is a safer, more innovative workplace. 

Recommended Diversity, Equity and Inclusion courses: 

3. Professional Development 

A Gallup poll found that 70% of employees are not reaching their full potential in the workplace. An efficient professional development program for your employees can help mitigate that disparity and set them up for success. Set the expectation during onboarding that professional development isn’t just an afterthought, but ingrained in your company values. A study done by the Association of Training and Development found that companies that spent more money on training and development saw a total shareholder return that was 86% higher than companies that spent less. The benefits of a professional development program are clear — the value of your company goes up when you invest in your employees from day one. 

Recommended professional development courses: 

OpenSesame boasts a catalog of over 20,000 courses so we can help with all of your company’s learning and development goals throughout the employee lifecycle.  For our full employee onboarding checklist of courses click here