What’s New and Trending in OpenSesame’s Course Catalog in the Month of October

OpenSesame added 123 new courses to OpenSesame Plus for October from five different publishers on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion, management skills, psychological safety, and more. Also, we’re proud to introduce new OpenSesame Plus publisher Emberin as of November 23, 2021! 

New courses for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Blinkist, Mind Channel, SAP Litmos, Skill Boosters, and Sollah Interactive all have new content to expand your DEI course offerings to your workforce and to add to your training program. 

  • Blinkist
    • The Inclusion Dividend: Why Investing in Diversity and Inclusion Pays Off 
  • Mind Channel
    • Inclusive Language and Communication
  • SAP Litmos
    • Leveraging Diversity and Strengths in the Workplace
  • Skill Boosters
    • Inclusive Leadership: Инклюзивное лидерство (Russian)
  • Sollah Interactive
    • ALL IN!™ Tackling Tough Diversity Dynamics (Advantage Program)
    • TrainingBriefs® Gender Respect (Latin American Spanish)
    • TrainingBriefs® Understanding Microaggressions (Latin American Spanish)
    • TrainingBriefs® Understanding Racism (Key Terms) (Latin American Spanish)

MyStory as a Manager by Cegos is now available in European Portuguese

The MyStory by Cegos courses are full-screen, interactive videos that present real-life situations in a day in the life of a manager. These 10-minute videos are presented like a television series where you will follow the office characters while they learn how to tackle the early steps in a new role. Check out the new courses available now in European Portuguese! 

EJ4 adds critical topics in manipulative communication and psychological safety 

EJ4’s newest courses are designed to help you recognize manipulative communication when it’s happening and identify the various forms of manipulation that are commonly used. You can browse all of EJ4’s offerings in OpenSesame Plus here, including new courses on psychological safety that can help your workplace be productive, safe and happy. 

Management Pocketbooks releases four new popular courses for developing leaders

Management Pocketbooks delivers bite-sized learning on a wide variety of topics that are relevant to managers, leaders and employees in every industry. Their highly-visual approach combines presenter-style videos with informative graphics. In addition, downloadable resources help the learner as well as facilitators continue their education offline—individually, in groups, or as part of virtual or in-person instructor-lead training. 

New this month from Management Pocketbooks are four new courses on:

  • Being in Control When Collaborating
  • Evaluating Poor Competency Frameworks
  • Making Competencies Work
  • Systematic Approach to Continuous Improvement

Get started by clicking here to see and demo the Management Pocketbooks courses in the OpenSesame Plus catalog. 

Coming to OpenSesame Plus in November: Emberin!

Emberin’s founder, Maureen Frank, is a bestselling author and award-winning diversity and inclusion expert. Maureen pioneered engaging men in the diversity and inclusion conversation globally and supported the founding of Male Champions of Change. Emberin has over 20 courses in the catalog that discuss inclusion, mentorship, and generational style differences. 

You can find Emerin courses in the catalog by clicking here. 

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