3 Tricks to Beat Loud Distractions at Work

Currently at OpenSesame, we’re all a bit distracted. You see, right outside our window there is ongoing construction, and the sound of jackhammers at 10 in the morning isn’t the best way to get ideas flowing. At certain points throughout the year, there will be distractions out of your control. Whether it be construction, an office celebration, or really anything with loud noises, sometimes you need to get work done, but your regular routine just isn’t cutting it.


Follow these three tricks to turn a headache into a productive day:

1. Ambient Music


As mentioned before (link to music blog), music can increase productivity while at work. Likewise, it works great for beating out distractions. In order to beat out distractions, ambient or passive music works best. Spotify, Soundcloud, and other streaming services provide excellent playlists apt for tuning out loud distractions.


2. New Location


No, moving from your desk three desks down won’t do. A new location in this scenario should be somewhere completely out of your normal proximity. If your office is large enough and allows, try moving a floor over or to the opposite side of your building. This new setting might not feel as welcome at first as your regular desk or office, but without the loud distraction it will at least serve as somewhere to get work done.


Another location option that works wonderfully for some people is moving to the great outdoors. This would most likely only work if you are able to work without Wi-Fi for an amount of time. However, if you are able to find a park or outdoor area nearby, this can serve as the perfect mini-vacation to recharge your focus and finish your work.

3. Flip Your Schedule


Do you normally eat lunch at 11:30? Work out right after work? Check social media around 2? Whatever it may be that you do to break up your day, flip your schedule around and perform this activity now. Give in to the distraction and let it disrupt your day. However, by flipping your schedule in this way, you are still allowing yourself to get the same amount of work done.



On certain days, loud distractions are out of your control. Rather than letting these distractions halt your productivity, change up your normal routine. It might seem strange at first, but ambient music, a new location, or flipping your schedule can all help you finish your work and overcome the distraction.

Have any other tricks for beating out loud distractions? Let us know and leave them in the comments below!