5 Simple Hacks to Staying On-Task All Day

With constant bombardment from various distracting things like games, social networking, people, unhealthy food, and the internet,  it’s hard to focus on a project or assignment for a long period of time. Even without distractions, attention spans and focused powers can only last so long before wanting to do other tasks. Due to this, some individuals think they are only able to focus by drinking coffee and energy drinks, or by ingesting supplements full of harmful chemicals. Fortunately, you can stay on-task all day using easy and natural methods. Drop the drinks and pills: here are the 5 simple hacks to staying focused and on-task.

1 Get Ready: Prepare yourself for focusing and working for a designated amount of time. Minimize the amount of screens around you, and gather all the materials you will need. Get a glass of water, take some deep breaths, and settle into the mindset of relaxed yet constructive work.

2 Get Comfortable: Get comfortable: sit on a comfortable chair that conforms to the shape of your body. Standing or lying down works as well, depending on your personal preferences. Regardless of your position, make sure it is comfortable so that you will not have to constantly adjust yourself.

3 Eat Real Food: Eat healthy and non-processed foods to keep you focused, full, and fired up to work hard. Have food with you and don’t eat while working: set aside time to eat a small meal. Eating healthy, non-processed food while focusing on the food itself will ensure that you are more satisfied, ready to work, and nourishing your body and brain.

4 Be Realistic: Set achievable goals. You are not going to work for 8 hours straight. You will need to take breaks and food. You cannot ‘hold it’ for 100 minutes. Be honest with yourself, and set goals that are doable, regimented, and easy.

5 Start Working: This is the hardest part. Get in the mood to work. And as Shia Lebeouf says: ‘Just DO it!!!’. Let your brain take over and be focused. Make sure to take breaks throughout your day to keep yourself in the best mental and physical condition, and make sure to be in the mood to work. Face it with courage as opposed to resignation, and the battle will be won.

Even though working seems daunting, stressful, and sometimes soul-crushing, using these 5 tips will make working easy and simple, while keeping it constructive and making it fun. With this in mind, you will never have a problem getting work done, you will be more constructive and ultimately more fulfilled with your job, your work, and yourself.