Manager looking at PMP training online

Benefits of PMP Training Online

Each industry has a number of beneficial courses and certificates that can help managers hone existing skill sets, but many courses tend to have a high, long-lasting impact on their careers. Of the certifications out there, few  can be applied into all industries. The most sophisticated of these is the PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate offered by the Project Management Institute.

What is the PMP?

The PMP certificate was designed for helping experienced managers streamline processes more efficiently while remaining goal-oriented with larger projects. The certification has provided over 750,000 qualified professionals worldwide with an immersive crash course on how to effectively manage under constraints of financing, labor, and deadlines. With it’s status as “The most important industry-recognized certification for project managers,” it comes to no surprise that this program is equally as challenging as it is rewarding. To be eligible for the PMP exam, it is required that you have between 3500-7500 hours of project management experience and 35 hours of project management education through the PMI or a third party. Once these requirements are fulfilled, applicants must pass a 200 question exam and maintain status through continuous training.

The PMP certification is an emblem of true business intelligence.

When an organization invests in the right PMP training for managers, the entire organization can benefit. With an investment as large as the PMP certification, an organization can expect goals to be met or exceeded regularly. Organizations who chose to become a part of the 33% of Project Managers who are PMP certified are also among the most efficient due to the structured curriculum of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closing.

Stronger Leaders, Stronger Teams

The PMP certification process also provides a number of opportunities and incentives for managers at any point in their career. These opportunities include the ability to create a certification project pertaining to a specific industry, the ability to work within a global network of over 700,000 certified managers, and the opportunity to receive higher salaries for being certified. In fact, PMP certified managers can expect to see around a 20% increase in earnings once certified.

By investing in employees with the PMP certification program, organizations establish a high level of morale among leadership and challenge managers to improve their skills in a holistic way. Companies who have adopted PMP methods into their projects tend to operate with less risk, increased efficiency, all at lower costs. For all of these reasons, PMP training can benefit both managers and the entire company immensely. OpenSesame offers dozens of PMP practice courses in the online course library.