Course of the Week Highlight: Dealing with Generational Issues in the Workplace

Have you ever felt disconnected from an older boss or younger employee? Sometimes it can feel like there’s a fundamental communication difference between different age groups that can’t be overcome. Generational differences is a hot topic in workplaces across the country, and experts say that there are now five generations in the workplace. Understanding how to effectively communicate with every generation is incredibly important for any efficient, productive workplace.

This week’s featured courses offer a variety of strategies, tricks, and plans for improving communication despite generational differences. Whether you want to impress a boss, communicate more efficiently with your team, or increase productivity, these courses are the perfect guide!

One of the most important reasons to improve communication between generations is to create better teams. With five generations in the workplace, there are bound to be team members of all ages. This course focuses on teambuilding from the perspective of both older and younger team members. By the end of this training, your team will be able to understand each other and build upon each others strengths. Your younger employees will understand why their older counterparts act the way they do and how to effectively work with them, while your older employees will better understand how to manage, communicate with, and train the younger employees. In under 2 hours, this course guarantees that your cross generational teams will be more effective than ever.
With so many generations in the workforce, there’s a lot of variation in communication styles. Professional etiquette is an important business skill, but basic communication skills are often overlooked. Luckily, with this Communication, Generations, and Etiquette Bundle, you will learn generational differences in communication and apply that knowledge to increase your professional etiquette. In the Generation Y course, learn how to thrive as a young person in an intergenerational workplace. In the Communication Styles course, identify your own communication style and discover how best to communicate with others. In the Professional Etiquette course, apply your knowledge of generations and communication to fully improve your etiquette. These three courses will make you a more effective worker, as well as increasing your networking, negotiation, and communication skills with different generations.
Understanding the mindset of each generation in the workplace minimizes conflict and increases productivity. You can play to your strengths if you understand your generational personality, as well as identifying how you interact with other generations. Optimizing Generational Effectiveness in the Workplace is the perfect course for any worker who wants to understand their role in the workplace, as well as any manager who wants to manage to his team’s strengths. Want to achieve a better understanding of effective communication for every age group? This course is for you!