Course of the Week Highlight: Onboarding New Employees

New employees are always joining companies, and it’s no secret that a smooth transition is important for the happiness, productivity, and general success of both employees and company. Regardless of the size or industry of your organization, a successful onboarding program is integral in creating a positive transition experience. However, you may be wondering how to create a strong program, one that conveys both employers’ and employees’ roles, expectations, and ideas. If you’re wondering how to improve your onboarding or start a new program, then this week’s featured courses are for you!

These courses will help you understand how to bring on a new employee and in turn help the employee have a quick and happy adjustment to the work environment.

The employee-manager relationship is one of the most important dynamics in a business, and any successful orientation includes a discussion about the expectations and roles that are expected out of each. In this course, both managers and employees will learn the main components of a successful business, how to present their ideas clearly, and how to enjoy their important role. This 20-minute orientation video will enlighten any member of an organization, and new hires will understand how to successfully transition to their new job.


Want to create your own strong, engaging, and supportive onboarding program? This course has got you covered! You’ll learn everything required to successfully onboard new employees, make employees feel valued, and support employees throughout their transition to your company. This course is for both businesses looking to create a program for scratch or looking to update and improve their current one. This course features dozens of examples of successful programs, outside resources, and quizzes/activities that make designing an onboarding program fun.


In addition to the manager-employee relationship, the most important relationships an employee forms are those with his or her coworkers. Healthy relationships at work are the key to positive, efficient, happy employees. This course guides both employees and employers through the steps to creating and maintaining healthy relationships. By the end of the course, you and your coworkers, employees, and managers will know how to build trust, manage relationships, and set healthy boundaries at work.

A strong onboarding program is key in making sure employees feel happy and secure at their new job, which increases the likelihood an employee stays at the company, in addition to increasing productivity and efficiency. These courses help you design an effective onboarding program to do just that!