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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Projecting Inventory Buys (Course & Calculator)

Projecting Inventory Buys  
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Projecting Inventory Buys (Course & Calculator)
By Retail Owners Institute


Most retailers have heard of the inventory managing tool “Open-to-Buy”. But too often, it has been shrouded in mystery. Too complex and/or too expensive. Up until now! This Basics of Open-to-Buy KIT teaches, step-by-step, how to produce a budget for how much inventory to bring in, and when. Then, the online BUYING PLAN Forecaster (an Open-to-Buy Calculator) automates the number-crunching! What can an Open-to-Buy plan do for your retail operation? Improve margins, profits and cash flow; reduce the time spent on inventory management; ensure you have the right merchandise in your store at the right time; and avoid wasting space, time and money with excess stock.


What’s in this course

  • Inline quizzes
  • Audio narration
  • Calculator 

About the instructor

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The Retail Owners Institute® is the foremost resource for the What, Why and How of Retail Financial Projecting. The ROI’s eLearning Kits – courses-plus-Executive Calculators – enable retailers to look ahead financially to better control profits, debt, inventory, and therefore, cash flow.The ROI’s eLearning Kits are for projecting, not accounting (we leave the accounting to the bookkeeper!). Step by step, the courses show the cause-effect connections of the key financial levers in a retail business. 

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