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Get Healthy in 2014: 80% off the “Wellness Works” Bundle

For 2014, you’re determined to be healthier—not just get fit, not just eat right, but the whole kit and kaboodle. And we’re proud of you for taking this first step.

But where to start?

There are many factors involved with achieving a healthy lifestyle: exercise, eating right, emotional support and a positive mindset, to name a few. To create a successful health program for yourself or your employees, you must address all of these factors concurrently. Fortunately, we’ve got the ultimate tool to start you on your health quest.

From now through January 17, Maestro is offering its comprehensive “Wellness Works” bundle for 80% off. The bundle, typically priced at $395.60, includes 10 courses and more than three hours of training. Plus, the bundle is available for only $73.92.

Designed by fitness, nutrition and exercise experts, the Wellness Works bundle aims to teach, motivate and inspire your employees. Some of the topics covered include: 

  • How to take action and prepare for challenges
  • Effects of different types of eating practices
  • Tips to easy stress
  • How to get a good night’s rest
  • Tying all the elements together into a plan of attack
  • And more!

The courses included in the Wellness Works bundle are in a presentation format with clear audio narration. Additionally, the courses have accessibility features and inline quizzes to ensure that people who take this course clearly understand the steps necessary to achieve their wellness goals.

Promoting a comprehensive wellness education program at your company can not only reduce the number of days lost to physical illness, but improve employee morale and minimize stress-related productivity losses.

Take advantage of this incredible offer, now through January 17, and kickstart your employee wellness program in 2014.