What AWS certification is right for you

How do I become AWS certified?

Before understanding how to becomeAmazon Web Services (AWS) certified, it’s important to understand what certification is right for you to take and how the process works. AWS offers three tiers of certification broken up into three categories, along with a separate specialty section. The three tiers and categories are explained below.

    • Foundational: Six months of basic AWS knowledge over all three categories
    • Associate: One year of problem-solving and implementing solutions on AWS
    • Professional: Two years of comprehensive AWS use including design, troubleshooting and operating
    • Architect
    • Operations
    • Developer

*Professional level certification for Operations and Development is a joint certification named DevOps

Specialty categories
    • Advanced Networking
    • Big Data
    • Security
    • Machine Learning
    • Alexa Skill Builder

*Separate test for each category

Registering and the administration of your test is a simple process. Each tier test can vary in format, but generally all have multiple choice and sample direction response. Be prepared as associate level exams are 80 minutes, while Associate and Professional level courses are 170 minutes. Each Associate level test cost $150, and the Professional and Specialty tests cost $300.

The tests are graded using statistical analysis to grade the exams due to varying questions in the exam that may be easier/harder. Results are posted 72 hours after the exam under your AWS certification account. From there you will know if you pass or fail. If you do fail, don’t worry, you can take the test in another two weeks!

Resources for your testing success

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About the author: Parker Abena, a summer marketing intern at OpenSesame, is a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He looks forward to moving out to PNW after school.