It’s Time to Squash the eLearning Myths

Whether your opinion on elearning is positive or negative, I’m here to squash the myths that you may have once heard. If you have yet to take an elearning course, stop and read these five myths before you listen to another one.

1. Online training is expensive, making it a burden to small companies.

Any company, big or small, can easily purchase and access online learning. The more seats your company purchases, the cheaper the cost will be per person.

eLearning is beneficial and should be embraced by companies, schools, and organizations that want to further their colleagues’ education. Every company needs compliance courses and elearning is made for them, regardless of size.

2. It’s just for Millennials.

eLearning is for everybody. Just because the millennial generation grew up on the internet and modern technology, doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who can benefit from online learning.

One benefit of the millennial generation being familiar with online software is that they will be more receptive to elearning throughout their careers. However, elearning is easy and virtually anyone can do it. Most courses will guide you step-by-step the entire time providing quizzes throughout to assess your learning style. So don’t be intimidated by online learning just because you didn’t grow up with a cellphone.

3. You must be a master coder to create a beautiful course. Oh, and it will cost loads of money to create.

This initially was true, but thankfully times have changed. Sure, you can benefit from paying a professional to develop your course, but it comes with a great price. They may not understand what your employees need, thus creating a course that doesn’t meet your quality standard. Therefore, you’re not finding what you need and losing money in the process.

There are tons of websites that provide simple ways to create your own courses. These course creators guide you through the developing process, showing you how to creator along the way. Some resources include Eliademy, Udutu, and many more.

4. Employees dislike elearning.

Not necessarily false. Employees hate bad elearning. If a course cannot engage the user or provide significant takeaways, then your employees will complain about it. Making a course tedious and timely can sway employees to either skip it or avoid it until the last minute.

An easy solution is to make courses worth your employees’ time. Allowing them room to decide where, when and how they will complete it will give them more incentive to get it done. Plus, with elearning they can access courses pretty much anywhere as long as they have internet connection.

5. eLearning is automated.

The biggest myth of all. People think they can speed through courses by clicking through the information and getting it done quickly, but if this is the case, then they will fail post-assessment quizzes.

As a course creator, you must take the time to carefully compile your courses with interesting content and quality learning objectives. As an employer, you must make sure your employees are taking the courses seriously. Most people should want to learn and elearning will make that easier for you.