Understanding the Bi-Modal Application of Immersive Learning

Understanding the bi-modal application of immersive learning

Extended Reality (xR), a blanket term for immersive learning technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, is being increasingly used in corporate training and across a variety of industries. Although the technology itself is more than 50 years old, recent major breakthroughs have accelerated its adoption and application.

Extended Reality has proven its effectiveness as a learning tool because it increases learner engagement and information retention. In fact, these technologies can now be used to create different levels of immersion.

While xR can help immerse learners more deeply into the learning environment, the opposite is also achievable, wherein the learning object is immersed into the human experience. Here are examples of both:

Immersing the learner into the environment

Technologies leveraging augmented reality can be applied to high-risk jobs, such as fire-fighting, as in the video below. Here the firefighter is able to learn about his surroundings in a little-to-no visibility scenario through augmented reality.

Immersing the learning object into the human experience

When computer-generated 3D images are brought to life in a seemingly physical way, interactivity enables enhanced learning. In this example, augmented reality technology is being used to interact with the human body, and brain.

At TalentQuest, we use 3D simulation, augmented reality, virtual reality, and gamification to create immersive learning solutions that are tailored to your workplace and processes. The learning experiences we create deliver proven results through improving engagement, better information retention for the end-users and a higher training return-on-investment for our client companies.

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