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BYO Build Your Own Sales Curriculum

Want to build your sales knowledge and skills? Look no further than the following sales training from OpenSesame. Whether you’re just starting out in sales or are a seasoned pro, continuing your sales education is critical; the world of sales is always changing– you don’t want to be left behind.
Your sales style is unique; your training should be too. You can choose one of our preassembled bundles or create a personalized curriculum made up of courses from each. OpenSesame provides you with the flexibility to find what works for you.
Making the Sale: Giving a Great Presentation
This course from AKLearning covers the execution of a sales presentation and focuses on associated topics such as: message, pre-call objectives, and tools. This content rich course will teach you the skills needed to prepare for a basic sales presentation, deliver your message, formulate a proposal, and utilize effective presentation tools.
Length: 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Price: $24.99
Take Charge of Your Sales Career
Mark Palmer and Focus LLC Training’s five-part bundle uses a step-by-step question and answer approach to teach you how to create a personalized Sales Success Plan. By learning about sales expectations, sales offerings, and sales activities through these courses, both beginner and experienced salespeople can improve their sales success and advance their career.
Length: 1 Hour
Price: $199
Mastering the Sales Process: From Prospecting to Closing
This six-part bundle from WinPrograms starts with prospecting and lead generation and takes you through the entire sales process to closing the sale. Topics covered–including the art of closing deals, planning your sales offer, and reaching decision makers–will help you master sales.
Length: 7 Hours 45 Minutes
Price: $220
Strategic Selling
Soft Skills On Demand’s bundle combines hour-long video talks by leading salespeople Warren Greshes and Richard Fenton. Speaker Hall of Fame member Greshes discusses prospecting skills that work in his engaging lecture; his proven system will help you take the guesswork out of prospecting and telemarketing. Go For No! author Fenton teaches how to make the most out of rejection and boost your results.
Length: 2 Hours
Price: $105
Prime Sales
This in-depth, 14-part bundle from Prime Learning presents a buyer-focused approach to sales. You will learn practical guidelines on how to plan, start, and close all parts of the sales cycle. Skills taught include: listening, making calls, communications, proposal writing, gathering information, and managing a sales territory.
Length: 27 Hours 30 Minutes
Price: $290
Increase Your Sales Skills
Vubiz’s five-part bundle teaches all the basic essentials for a successful career in sales. Each hour-long course covers an important sales skill: basics, cold calls, finance, avoiding burnout, and meeting goals. This bundle is the perfect introduction to sales or a refresher for more experienced professionals.
Length: 5 Hours
Price: $175
Whether you choose a pre-assembled bundle or build your own curriculum with courses offered from each, you’re sure to gain valuable new skills to help you get (and stay) ahead in the sales game!
Image: thetaxhaven via flickr