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Course of the Week Highlight: Management, Spanish Language Learning, and More!

Ready for another week of awesome elearning deals? We have a stellar lineup of discounts for you this week in the compliance & safety, business skills, and industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc) categories. Featured savings this week include courses on management and leadership, Spanish language learning for supervisors, and more!

Business Skills

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Coach others to higher performance with this 10 course bundle. Using the Baldrige National Quality Program’s Criteria for Performance Excellence, you’ll learn the simple four-step process to becoming a better manager, as well as understand the relationship between leadership and power. Other topics included are how vision, mission, and value statements can be the first step toward improving your organization, how to conduct coaching conversations, motivating your employees, and leadership styles—all for only $21.50.

Compliance & Safety

Reduce work-related injuries with a well-designed safety and health program. Effective management of worker safety and health protection is a decisive factor in reducing the extent and the severity of work-related injuries and illnesses. This 30 minute course covers the four elements of an effective program, as well as the three methods to prevent and control workplace hazards. You’ll become familiar with worksite analysis and be able to understand safety and health training needs. Grab this course for 80% off, only $2.00, through January 28.

Industry Specific (Construction, Medical, Restaurants, etc)

Bridge the communication gap between English and Spanish-speaking coworkers with this course. The courses incorporate visual imagery, native speakers to hear proper pronunciation, reading exercises, cultural lessons, and interactive assessments to build your proficiency. You’ll be able to engage in small talk conversations and provide and obtain workplace-related info. You’ll compare and contrast U.S. cultural values to those of the Hispanic world in how they may relate to the workplace, by recognizing that cultures develop different patterns of interaction and identifying key values, such as family, time, naming system, respect for authority, and the Latino work ethic. Learn the basics for only $10, through January 28.
All deals run through January 28th, so get started today!
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