Course of the Week Highlight: Stop Boring Meetings, Build a 5 Year Plan and More!

From hazardous materials and discrimination, to boring meetings and unclear goals, the workplace can be a treacherous place. Fortunately, our course of the week deals have come to the rescue! This week, you’ll receive 20-80% savings on courses in the business skills, compliance & safety, and tech & software categories. Make sure you’re quick; these deals will only be around through February 13!

Business Skills

Motivation and Goal Setting
by Soft Skills On Demand

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the next five years planned? This nearly three hour goal-setting course makes it possible with simple, but powerful tools to help you create your plan. Additionally, the courses shows you how to stay motivated to see your goals through by staying focused on target outcomes and activities. It’s never too late to start planning, so purchase this course for only $21.00/user (65% off) through February 13.

Compliance & Safety

OSHA – Hazard Communication
by Vivid

Being able to detect the presence of hazardous materials in a work area can dramatically reduce employee accidents. This 45 minute course instructs employee on proper container labeling as mandated by OSHA’s hazard communication standards. Employees will also receive training on personal protection when working with hazardous chemicals and what to do in the event of a spill or leak. Pay only $9.00/user (25% off) for proper training now and avoid costly accidents down the road.

Tech & Software

Improv Your Agile or Scrum Stand-Up
by Todd Charron

Stop boring status meetings! This 90 minute course from Agile Coach Todd Charron will discuss the common bad habits of stand-up meetings, as well as provide tips on how to avoid these habits using improvisation. The improv exercises demonstrated will invigorate your meetings and increase employee engagement by encouraging creativity and collaboration. Improve your status meetings today for only $19.80/user—80% savings through February 13!

Industry Specific

Equality Matters: The Difference Is You
by Equality Matters

If you are a U.K. company or provide services in the U.K., your employees should be trained on the U.K. Equality Act. This 45 minute course details the act, protected characteristics under the law, and various different forms of discrimination. Employees are required to take a course assessment as part of the course, and will receive a certificate to ensure compliance. Promote positive practices in your office for only $35.20/user (20% savings).