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Course of the Week Highlight: Sexual Harassment, Food Service, and More!

Want to lead better meetings, ensure proper cleaning and sanitation in your foodservice business, or eliminate sexual harassment in your office? You’ll find the training you need for a great price with our Course of the Week deals! Don’t miss out on great savings from the business skills, compliance & safety, and industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc.) categories, available now through February 18th!

Business Skills

Everyone who manages a project, leads a team, or conducts a meeting needs to have group process skills. This course is designed to efficiently and effectively communicate the essential core skills of facilitation to busy professionals. Through 10 lessons with interactive exercises and structured practice activities, you’ll learn the difference between good and bad facilitation techniques. A post-elearning workshop package with trainer notes, workbook, slides, and handouts is also included. Hone your facilitation skills for only $19.80 through February 18.

Compliance & Safety

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Create a safe and respectful work environment with anti-sexual harassment training. Learn how to recognize and deal with offensive behavior and how supervisors should handle harassment situations. Employees will also learn about the different protected classes and types of harassment. Protect your employees and company from sexual harassment issues for the everyday low price of $9.99.

Industry Specific (Construction, Medical, Restaurants, etc)

In this course, you’ll learn to distinguish between cleaning and sanitizing, as well as how often food equipment must be cleaned or sanitized. Tips and strategies for reducing cross-contamination are also discussed. Learners will also be taught steps for the correct cleaning of equipment and the breakdown of each element of a three or four bowl sink. Ensure proper food equipment cleaning and sanitation for only $3.49/user.
All deals run through February 18th, so get started today!
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