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Dealing with abusive customers

How to Deal with an Abusive Customer

  No one wants an abusive customer. Sometimes, customer service training doesn’t adequately prepare you for what some customers throw at you. When a call starts abusive or escalates from anger into an abusive tone, it sometimes seems that nothing you say can help. Any time a customer becomes abusive you need to apply more… Read more »

Improve your communication skills

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

  Communication sets us apart from the other animals on this planet. Oh, other animals communicate all right, but not the way we do—most of the time. Communication can become physical—a tender touch or a bonk on the head. Bullets are a form of communication, albeit somewhat primitive. A stare can be communication, whether it… Read more »

6 Types of Customer Service Training Courses for Organizations

  It is important for businesses to be able to handle the queries, concerns, and requests of their customers. As the company grows, the need to train your customer support staff becomes even more urgent. Investing in customer service training courses allows your company to establish a competitive edge in the marketplace. It can ultimately… Read more »

Business communication training

Stuck with Business Communication Issues? Try This

  The lifeblood of any organization is information and the flow of that information between the various parts of the enterprise. Business communication is an extremely broad subject. It includes interdepartmental memos, staff meetings, conferences, customer relations, marketing, advertising, public relations, employee engagement, community involvement, corporate training and a great deal more. If you have… Read more »