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Finding Connection as the ‘Only’ by Rasheité Calhoun

The other day I was aimlessly scrolling LinkedIn and scrolled past a rare sighting. Actually who am I kidding? It wasn’t a rare sighting. It was something I’d actually never seen before, except for when I look at my own profile. I scrolled past a brown face with box braids wrapped up into a perfectly round top knot. I was less intrigued by her hair and more so by her headline–partnerships and alliances expert. There’s another Black person who works in partnerships. 

Roo Gatimu

What Having a Black Folx ERG Means to Me by Roo Gatimu

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, OpenSesame is empowering black voices and featuring stories from our colleagues. Read on to hear from Roo Gatimu, Sales Development Representative and co-leader of the Black Folx ERG (Employee Resource Group) at OpenSesame.

Plus Publishers

February 2022 New Publishers Announcement Blog

To ensure employees in all roles, locations, and industry verticals have access to learning they need to develop their careers, new global publishers have been added to OpenSesame Plus.
Each of these publishers offers training on a broad range of topics, while addressing some of the biggest challenges global organizations are facing today. Here is a brief overview of each publisher:

OpenSesame announces expansion of Plus subscription with new global partnerships

Portland, OR – 18 January 2022 – OpenSesame, a market-leading SaaS global elearning innovator, today announced the addition of new global publishers to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription. With this announcement, OpenSesame further diversifies its product offerings to ensure employees in all roles, locations, and industry verticals have access to learning they need to develop… Read more »

Why Blended Learning Is the Future of Business

The past two years have blurred the lines between work and home, digital and physical, online and offline. The 9-5 world we lived in has been upended, and the word “hybrid” has taken on new meaning. As we move into 2022 and the unique challenges it brings, organizations are having to define what the future… Read more »

The Four Stages of an Effective Hiring Process

With the economy expected to grow and continue its recovery in 2022, companies will no doubt be expanding and hiring more employees. Hiring new employees is a tricky feat. Being in charge of your organization’s hiring process means not only screening for candidates who are qualified, but also whom are compatible with company culture and… Read more »

How to Find Your Organization’s DEI Anchor

When leaders are asked why their organization should prioritize DEI, you’ll often hear “because it’s the right thing to do.” Absolutely, it is important for any organization, but if your DEI efforts don’t go beyond just checking the boxes, then your initiatives may not be comprehensive enough to bring about meaningful change within the organization.… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Deborah Dang

Deborah DangVice President, Finance and PeoplePortland, OregonPronouns: she/her Deborah Dang arrived at OpenSesame with deep tech industry accounting experience and a passion for developing lifelong learning opportunities. After leading accounting for several major public technology companies, Deborah was ready to grow something fundamentally powerful in the world of education. Heading finance at OpenSesame allowed her… Read more »

The Power of Empathy in DEI

As a young girl, whenever I displayed my worst self with my selfishness, impatience, condescension, and unkindness—you know, the behavior parents try to manage and disrupt in their children before adulthood—my wise father would gently, yet firmly say, “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” Although I listened, it would take years for me to fully… Read more »

Why Elearning Can’t Be One Size Fits All

Remote work is a new reality, that means your new colleagues might live in the next state or an ocean away. And the coming of age of Generation Z means for the first time ever, there are now five generations in the workforce, each of which relate to the Digital Age differently. This leads to people arriving to elearning from countless avenues with wide-ranging expectations and varying capabilities. How do we make learning and development that’s accessible for everyone?

How to Create Training that Boosts the Bottom Line

By Evan Hackel Most business leaders know that effective training builds more consistent performance among employees, improves customer service, reduces the amount of time that managers spend training new employees, and provides other benefits that impact the bottom line. But do those same businesspeople also understand just how much a company’s overall profitability will grow… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Charise Frias

Charise Frias Senior Curation Specialist – Wellness  She/Her Portland, Oregon When the value of Wellness in the workplace began gaining momentum across corporate and learner requests, Charise Frias had been at the forefront of the industry for many years. She lives and breathes Wellness training in her own life and applies her knowledge to her… Read more »